Opening Minds

School Libraries and Teacher Librarians


I have been concerned for some time for the state of school libraries in Canada and, in particular, British Columbia.

I have watched government education funding cuts to school districts be answered with the cut or deletion all together of teacher librarian positions – this is not unique to B.C.

This blog is about the importance of school libraries with a teacher librarian, the value added both provide to the education of our youth, and the support provided to teachers and the curriculum.

One does not happen without the other.

I have worked in libraries for over 35 years, since I was 12 years old. I have been a teacher librarian for 25 years.
I love libraries.
I love school libraries and being a teacher librarian.
I did not foresee when I chose this profession I would be in a constant state of advocacy.

At the moment I feel like I am on the edge of extinction, sitting in a life boat with a slow leak, without a life preserver.


You may ask how I come to have these opinions; what is my background – well here it is…


BED in Library Science and English

MA in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Technology in Education

My thesis focused on the work of Teacher Librarians

Teacher Librarians, Technology and Collaborative Connections:  A Case Study of Teacher Librarians from a Communities of Practice Perspective


Teacher Librarian, English and ICT Teacher for 17 years at Balmoral Junior Secondary (only 5 of those years was I a full time teacher librarian)

Teacher Librarian for 8 years to present at Sutherland Secondary

University of British Columbia sessional instructor for 4 years – teaching future teacher librarians


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